Vision: Our Vision is to reach people affected by HIV/AIDS and their families with the love of God, breaking through the social stigma of the disease and to provide practical help for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Our History: In 2016, it was estimated that there are about 1.4 million people affected by HIV/AIDS living in Tanzania. Often they face a lot of social rejection. That is why we started visiting the people affected by the disease in our area, prayed with them and encouraged them. Upendo means love in Kiswahili, and that is what we wanted to show people. Often we found, that many did not have enough food, which is crucial for their condition and the medicine they need to take. A lot of them did not have money either to send their kids to school. We started partnering with different NGO’s and friends to start providing schools fees for their children and other basic foods.

A Testimony: M. has been someone that we have known since the start of the ministry. She has 8 kids, and both her and her husband and 2 of her kids are affected by HIV/AIDS. Her firstborn died of AIDS. The burden of the issues the family was facing was too much for the husband and he ran away and left the mother alone with her kids. As a ministry we started supporting the family when the kids were still young. One has started high school now. They did not have any hope for any of the children to go to school, but through our support 3 children were able to go to school. You can sense the joy that is radiating from her now.