Our vision is to reach people in rural areas through wholistic health care and the gospel. We teach communities about basic health care, do home visits and support the local government clinics.

Our focus is mothers and children, because they are more vulnerable and at risk. And when you educate a mother, you educate a nation.

As a part of this vision we are in process of building a clinic out in a Massai village that is focusing on mother and child health care.

A Testimony

One of our friends was expecting her first baby. She had a lot of questions and there was a lot of fear of the unknown. We had some time together, sharing with her the normal process of birth and how she can prepare for it. We also checked her vital signs and made sure her baby was ok. A few weeks after, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we went back to visit her and answer some questions about feeding the baby. We also discovered some rashes and were able to refer her to a local clinic.

This mum was living close to a clinic. Most mothers in rural areas give birth at home, because the clinics are far away and money is tight. It is our heart, that each mum would receive skilled care, so that her and her baby are safe.